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Water Filtration Phoenix Arizona – Water Purification

Clean, safe water is a necessity for every person. However, municipal water supply plants across the country vary in their level of contaminants, which is why water filter systems are rising in popularity. 

Fortunately, comprehensive water filtration can eliminate any concerns about your household water supply.  Whole house filtration offers more benefits to the home owner.

In this article, we’ll explore the numerous benefits of water filter systems, common contaminants found in water, the mechanisms behind water filtration, and how to choose the right water filtration system for you. 

After reading, you’ll see the crystal-clear advantages of using water filtration in your home. Let’s begin!

What Is Phoenix Water Filtration And Why Is Water Treatment Important?

Understanding The Concept Of Water Filtration

Specifically, water filtration systems reduce the concentration of impurities and contaminants in water. 

Without water filtration, pathogens (bad microorganisms), chemical compounds, pharmaceuticals, and more can leak into drinking water and cause harm. 

There are several components of effective water filtration that individually provide different protections against contaminants, but the most important are sediment filters, microfiltration apparatuses, and polyphosphate protection. 

Benefits Of Using A Whole House Water Filtration System

      • Healthier and safer water for consumption and household use: Water filtration systems are specifically designed to make drinking water safe, especially if they include micro and carbon-based filters.

        • Reduces the risk of waterborne diseases and illnesses: Waterborne diseases and illnesses impact 1 out of 44 people in the United States every year, according to the CDC. Water filtration systems reduce the risk of contracting a waterborne illness. 

          • Environmental advantages: Water filtration systems are green! Bottled water usage will be reduced, which will further remove the plastic consumption that comes with those bottles. 

            • Cost savings in the long run: Not only does in-home water filtration result in improved health outcomes but saving money is also highly likely through a reduction in bottled water expenses and reduced plumbing maintenance costs.

              • No need to continuously buy bottled water: Bottled water can be expensive, as well as being onerous to carry home from the grocery store. Plus, with a water filtration system, you won’t have to remember to add it to your shopping list every week1

                • Reduction in potential health costs from consumption of contaminated water: Contaminated water consumption has been correlated with numerous diseases that are contracted from microorganisms, chemical compound consumption, and sediment ingestion. Your disease risk and any associated hospital costs are easily mitigated with proper water filtration. 

                  • Improved taste and clarity of water: Water that has been purified is reported to taste better (more neutral) than non-filtered water. 

                However, it is important to note that many harmful contaminants present in non-filtered water do not have a distinct taste

                Common Contaminants Found In Home Water Quality

                    • Bacteria: Some bacteria can provide us with helpful benefits, but there are many species of bacteria that cause us harm instead. Bacteria can live in water and infect any person that ingests the water that they reside in.  One very dangerous bacteria that can live in water is listeria, which can cause a long list of gastrointestinal symptoms (and in some cases, hospitalization). 

                      • Viruses: Viruses can also live in your water supply – even the COVID-19 virus. It is important that your water filtration system includes microfiltration

                        • Heavy metals: Heavy metals are of tremendous concern, as contaminants like lead have been linked to depressed IQ in children and cognitive impairment. 

                          • Chlorine: Chlorine can produce a noticeable, chemical-like taste in drinking water. Even more troubling, repeated chlorine exposure through drinking water can cause respiratory problems. 

                            • Fluoride: Although fluoride consumption through water is linked to improved dental health, excessive fluoride ingestion can lead to bone loss in some cases.

                              • Pesticides: Pesticides are used to kill bugs, so human consumption is not recommended (and can even be lethally poisonous!). 

                                • Herbicides: Like pesticides, herbicides have a similar effect on the human body if consumed regularly through drinking water. 

                                  • Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical companies sometimes release their excess medications or chemicals into the local water supply, so heavy-duty filtration of all medications is of tremendous importance. 

                                    • Industrial chemicals: As with pharmaceutical companies, industrial chemicals can also leak into the water supply (knowingly or unknowingly) and contaminate it. 

                                      • Sediments: Sediments can serve as a liferaft for certain viruses and bacteria, so removing them also eliminates the risk of infection.

                                    Choosing The Right Water Filtration System For Your Needs

                                    Every household has different requirements for water filtration, which is why the novel approach of Earthwise to cover all essential elements of filtration makes it a great choice for all homes. 

                                    This includes bathrooms and other water dispensers in your home! 

                                    For more information, visit the Earthwise information page here and make an informed decision about your water filtration. 

                                    How Does A Water Filtration System Work?

                                    Water filtration systems begin with pre-filtration, which removes larger particles like sediment, rust, and dirt. 

                                    Then, the water is passed through filters to trap contaminants. These filters are typically activated carbon-based, or specialized sediment filters are used. 

                                    Finally, water treatments that include pH adjustments are also used, while some systems also add known beneficial minerals back into the water. 

                                    Understanding The Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems

                                        • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis involves the purification of water by forcing it through a semipermeable material

                                          • Activated Carbon: Activated carbon (or activated charcoal) is an extremely porous material that catches contaminants, which is why Earthwise opts to use it in its water filtration system

                                            • UV (Ultraviolet) Purification: UV purification involves the use of UV light to destroy bacteria and viruses. UV light damages the DNA of many different types of microorganisms

                                              • Distillation: Distillation heats water until steam appears, at which point cooling begins and the pure water product is collected

                                                • Ion Exchange: Ion exchange is utilized to collect metals in the water by attracting them out of the main supply

                                                  • Ceramic Filtration: Ceramic filtration offers tiny pores for filtering out microorganisms without chemical or electrical components

                                                    • Gravity Filtration: Gravity filtration uses the weight of the water to remove impurities by density-based separation

                                                      • Ozone Water Purification: Ozone purification is effective at eradicating bacteria and viruses, as well as organic contaminants in the water

                                                        • Multi-stage Filtration: Multi-stage filtration provides multiple filtration exposures which ensures the complete removal of contaminants

                                                          • Membrane Filtration: Polymeric membrane filtration consists of a porous membrane made of different materials that catch contaminants and purify water.

                                                        It is very important to choose a water filtration system that is tailored to the area that you live in, which is why those residing in Phoenix may want to consider using the specialized Earthwise filtration system.


                                                        Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you should feel well-versed in the importance of clean, filtered water for healthy living. 

                                                        If you’re a Phoenix resident, whole-house water filtration is a fantastic way to boost your health and save money at the same time. 

                                                        Earthwise filtration systems provide a unique, three-pronged approach to water filtration, delivering healthy water right to your home! If that interests you, inquire here to learn more about how Earthwise water filtration can serve you.


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