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At Earthwise Water Filters

We are proud to be the leading provider of home water filtration systems Phoenix residents trust for clean, safe, and healthy water. With over 50 years of experience in this field, our commitment to ensuring superior quality drinking water is unwavering.

Our innovative solutions provide whole house water filtration systems that can effectively remove contaminants commonly found in Phoenix’s water supply. We believe that every household deserves access to pure and safe drinking water

The Need for Water Filtration in Phoenix Water Filters

Phoenix, like much of the United States, is grappling with hard water. This problem is exacerbated by its source: a mix of Salt, Verde, and Colorado Rivers. As this water traverses various terrains before reaching your faucet, it picks up an array of contaminants.

This contamination spectrum includes microbial elements such as bacteria and viruses; inorganic substances like metals and salts; pesticides and herbicides from agricultural runoff; organic chemical contaminants from industrial processes or naturally occurring sources; even radioactive materials can find their way into our drinking supply. Therefore, installing a robust home water filtration system becomes not just a luxury but essential to ensuring safe drinking water.

What's in Your Water?

A detailed insight into what exactly lurks within your local supply can be found on the 2023 Phoenix Water Quality Report. It’s crucial to understand these potential health risks associated with consuming untreated tap water regularly and the benefits of a home water filtration system.

Bacteria present could cause gastrointestinal diseases while certain heavy metals have been linked to developmental problems if consumed over prolonged periods. Organic chemicals may contribute towards hormonal imbalances or cancerous growths whereas exposure to radioactive particles could lead to genetic mutations or cancers too.

An all-encompassing house filtration system acts as your first line of defense against these harmful substances by effectively removing them from your household’s potable supplies thus safeguarding you & your loved ones’ health every day.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

The world of water filtration is vast and varied, with a multitude of systems designed to enhance your home’s water quality. Each system comes equipped with unique features that cater to different needs.

Reverse Osmosis System

A reverse osmosis (RO) system stands as an effective solution for enhancing the quality of drinking water in Phoenix homes by using the right water purification system. It operates by forcing tap water through a semi-permeable membrane under pressure – this process filters out unwanted particles from your household’s supply.

This method proves highly successful at removing chlorine, which can affect both taste and smell characteristics within our precious H20 resource. Additionally, RO technology effectively eliminates magnesium ions alongside other chemical contaminants – these elements have potential health implications if consumed over prolonged periods without proper treatment measures in place beforehand.

An added advantage? The compact size makes it ideal for households where space might be limited. But remember: while excellent at purifying cooking and drinking supplies specifically, they may not address issues related to hardness or softness throughout the entire plumbing networks inside properties here locally…

Water Softening System

If hard water problems persist around Phoenix – think scale build-up on appliances like ice makers or dry skin after showering – then perhaps considering whole-house softening solutions would prove more beneficial instead… These units work via ion-exchange processes, replacing calcium/magnesium ions (the culprits behind ‘hard’ waters.) with sodium/potassium counterparts, resulting in softer conditioned flows being produced thereafter across all outlets found domestically.

Beyond just comfort though, softened outputs scientifically reduce energy consumption rates amongst hot-water devices whilst simultaneously extending their operational lifespan too. So whether saving money on utility bills matters most or preserving the environment takes precedence instead – either way, there seem to be plenty of good reasons why investing in one of these units makes sense today… especially given the ever-increasing costs associated with maintaining older models whose efficiency declines steadily year after year due to ongoing exposure to mineral-rich sources prevalent throughout much of the Southwestern United States region overall…

Key Takeaway: 

Water filtration systems in Phoenix are diverse, offering unique features to improve home water quality. Reverse osmosis effectively removes contaminants and is ideal for small spaces, but may not address water hardness. Water softening solutions replace hard ions with softer ones, reducing energy consumption and extending appliance lifespan.

Benefits of Installing a Whole House Filtration System

The installation of a whole house filtration system in your Phoenix home can bring about an array of benefits. These range from the enhanced taste and quality of drinking water, to the extended lifespan for appliances due to reduced scale build-up from hard water, as well as healthier skin and hair resulting from the removal of harsh chemicals present in showering or bathing water.

Economic Benefits

An often overlooked advantage is that installing comprehensive house filtration systems provides substantial economic benefit. Primarily, it significantly reduces reliance on bottled water, which not only saves money but also contributes towards environmental conservation by reducing plastic waste.

Americans spend considerable amounts annually on bottled waters. By investing in our top-notch whole-house filters at Earthwise Water Filters, you stand to save these costs while enjoying fresh clean drinks right within the comfort of your own home.

Beyond saving costs related to purchasing bottles, there’s another financial benefit tied directly to the longevity of household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers, among others. Hardness minerals found in unfiltered tap water are known culprits behind scaling – deposits left behind after heated hard water evaporates, leaving concentrated hardness minerals that stick onto surfaces, causing damage over time.

This phenomenon leads to frequent repairs or even replacements, costing homeowners substantial amounts every year. Studies have established that eliminating these hardness ions through effective filtering could extend appliance lifespans by up to 40%, providing significant cost savings over their lifetime usage periods.

Moving on, let’s explore the potential health benefits.

When we think about our health, most times we focus mainly on what we eat, forgetting one crucial aspect – what we drink. The quality of our drinking water should be free from harmful contaminants capable of causing various diseases, including cancerous conditions, according to studies done by the World Health Organization (WHO report).

Whole-house filtration systems ensure safe potable water flow from all taps within your home, thereby protecting your

Key Takeaway: 

Installing a whole house filtration system in your Phoenix home not only improves the taste and quality of water but also extends appliance lifespan, saves money on bottled water, reduces plastic waste, and safeguards health by removing harmful contaminants.

Cost Factors Associated with Whole House Filtration System Installation

Type of Filtration System Chosen

Cost factor #1:
The type of water filtration you need

The first step towards achieving a cleaner and healthier home’s water supply begins with understanding the contaminants present in your drinking water. To do this, obtain a copy of your water quality report, also known as Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). This comprehensive document provides detailed information about what’s in your local Phoenix tap water.

Once you have reviewed the CCR, identify which contaminants are present and decide on those that require treatment. It is important to note that not all house filtration systems can eliminate every contaminant. Therefore, understanding what pollutants exist in your hard water will guide you when choosing an appropriate whole-house or point-of-use system.

There are numerous types of filters available for treating different kinds of impurities such as chemical contaminants or magnesium ions responsible for hardening the water. For instance, reverse osmosis systems effectively remove chlorine while other types like activated carbon filters excel at eliminating organic compounds affecting taste and odor.

  • Whole House Filtration Systems: Also referred to as Point-Of-Entry (POE) systems, these treat all incoming household waters from sources like Colorado rivers before it flows through faucets or appliances like ice makers ensuring clean soft-water throughout the entire residence.

  • Bottled Water Filters: These portable devices filter bottled waters removing common impurities found even within sealed bottles thereby enhancing its taste and safety level especially during outdoor activities.

  • Water Softeners: A specialized kind of filtration system designed to deal with hardness by replacing calcium & magnesium ions with sodium ones resulting into softer less damaging waters ideal for bathing & laundry purposes
Your budget may influence whether you opt for a whole-house system or individual units installed at specific points-of-use around your home. Remember annual maintenance costs vary between $50-$300 depending on factors such as the number of stages involved in the filtering process among others thus should be factored into overall cost considerations too.

Maintenance Costs Post-Installation

Beyond just set-up fees, there are annual maintenance charges associated with keeping these units performing optimally over time too. These usually fall within a range of around $50-$300 annually, though the specific amount largely depends upon the type, size, and device installed, as well as the frequency of usage, etc. Regular upkeep helps extend the lifespan of the appliance, thereby saving money in the long term through reduced necessity of replacing parts or entire devices frequently, thus helping offset the somewhat higher upfront investment required to purchase and install one in the first place.

Remember to do thorough research prior to making a decision regarding the best fit for your needs, given the unique circumstances including local Phoenix area water quality issues present, as well as personal preferences relating to things like taste and smell, along with the available budget constraints faced too.

Choosing Earthwise Water Filters For Your Home

The quality of your home’s water supply is a matter that requires utmost attention and consideration. With over half a century in the industry, Earthwise Water Filters has been at the forefront of providing reliable whole house filtration systems to homes across Phoenix.

We understand that each home has its own set of water purification requirements, so we offer tailored solutions to meet your individual needs and budget. As such, we offer bespoke solutions designed specifically around your individual demands and financial considerations.

A Customized Approach To Filtration Systems

In our initial consultation phase, our team conducts an extensive evaluation based on your current water quality report. This step allows us to pinpoint any contaminants present in your drinking water which need addressing through an appropriate filtration system. Following this analysis, we recommend either a reverse osmosis system or a water softening system – sometimes even both if required – depending upon whether you’re dealing with chemical contaminants or hard minerals like calcium and magnesium ions respectively.

Innovative Solutions for Optimal Results

Our innovative approach extends beyond just recommending suitable types of filtration systems; it permeates into how these systems are designed too. We leverage state-of-the-art technology ensuring maximum efficiency while removing chlorine from tap waters without compromising essential mineral levels necessary for human health. This results in clean, safe, and healthy drinking water flowing freely from every faucet within your Phoenix home.

Dedicated Service From Installation To Maintenance

Beyond offering superior products, Earthwise Water Filters also provides professional installation services carried out by experienced technicians who ensure seamless integration with existing plumbing conditions at home without causing major disruptions during the process. Our commitment towards customer satisfaction continues well after the installation phase as well; offering annual maintenance services that keep installed systems running smoothly year-round. This way, not only do you enjoy clean and safe drinking waters but also peace of mind knowing expert help is just a call away should any issues arise post-installation. So why wait? Choose Earthwise today and start enjoying the benefits of a healthier lifestyle brought about by better-quality household taps. Remember: It’s never too late to make a wise choice for the health and well-being of your loved

Key Takeaway: 

Installing a whole house filtration system in your Phoenix home not only improves the taste and quality of water but also extends appliance lifespan, saves money on bottled water, reduces plastic waste, and safeguards health by removing harmful contaminants.

FAQs in Relation to Water Filtration Systems Phoenix

A whole house filtration system, like reverse osmosis or a water softening system, can effectively remove contaminants and soften hard water common in Arizona.
The main issue could be improper installation or maintenance. Regular check-ups and timely replacement of filters ensure optimal performance of your system.
While Phoenix’s tap water meets federal standards, it may contain certain contaminants. A home filtration system ensures safer drinking water by removing these substances.
Absolutely. Water filtration systems are highly effective at removing harmful contaminants from your home’s supply, improving both taste and safety.


Phoenix’s water, sourced from rivers, carries a variety of contaminants. Knowing what you consume is vital.

A whole house water filtration systems Phoenix can effectively remove these harmful substances, ensuring safe and clean water in your home.

Different systems like reverse osmosis or a water softener system offer unique features tailored to specific needs.

The benefits are numerous – improved taste, healthier skin and hair, extended appliance lifespan, and cost savings over time.

Yes, the upfront investment may seem hefty, but considering long-term health outcomes and decreased maintenance costs, it becomes a worthy investment.

If you’re ready to make this life-changing decision towards cleaner safer water in Phoenix…

Earthwise, with 50 years of experience designing & installing exceptional whole house filtration systems, is here for you. Let us ensure that every tap in your Phoenix home delivers only the purest water. Make the Earthwise choice today!

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